Now, more than ever, more and more people are made aware of the perils single-use plastic can cause our environment. For this reason, many people are wary of using plastic or even buying food encased in plastic.

In this article, we explore some of the ways that make cardboard and paperboard trays the best option for food catering businesses.


1. Safe

Not only for the environment but for the consumer foremost. It’s been proven that plastic bottles, especially when subjected to heat, can make the water they contain unsafe. The same goes for food. Some plastics can even affect the taste of the food they contain. Cardboard containers though, do not have like effects. Some food containers made out of cardboard nowadays are also produced to retain the heat of the food they’re carrying as well.

2. Customisable

Some cardboard and paperboard food containers have tabs that you can tear on all sides to convert the container to a makeshift plate. Most cardboard containers are sizeable as well to make room for inserts to create compartments for food and condiments so variations in contents can easily be made available.

3. Versatile

You would think that cardboard and paperboard food containers are not suitable for food items with sauces. Some of them are made to repel moisture to maintain the freshness and taste of the food inside. More and more cardboard food containers nowadays can carry dry and food items with sauces alike.

4. Eco-friendly

At the end of the day, the top selling point of food trays and containers made with cardboard and paperboard is that they are easy to reuse and break down to recycle. The possibilities are numerous.

Innovations spring up every day, helping food containers to evolve to be more helpful to the environment and more convenient to use for the consumer. With well-made cardboard food containers, you can finally say goodbye to single-use plastics.

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